Asbestos fiber jointing sheet



Jun 19, 2017

Asbestos fiber jointing sheet, gasket sheet, gasket,


 Asbestos fiber jointing sheet

Asbestos Jointing Sheets are made of special asbestos heat-resisting fiber, heat-resisting packing material, and special nature or NBR rubber compound heating and compression molding it.

asbestos rubber sheet series include: NXB200, NXB300, NXB350

Uses: Used for the equipment in water, steam, etc. and used as sealing material in the joints of pipeline
Working pressure: 1.5~8.0 MPa ,Working temperature: 150 ~450℃.

Oil-resistance asbestos rubber sheet series include: NNY150, NNY250, NNY300, NNY350.

Uses: Mainly used as the aviation liquid the motive's kerosene, lubricant, the fuel oil and cold air system to join together the seal completely of place the sealing gasket material.
Working pressure: 7.0~12 MPa, Working temperature: 150 ~450℃

Available Sizes:

Thickness: 0.5 to 6mm

1500 x 4500mm, 1500 x 4100mm, 1300 x 3850mm, 1500 x 2000mm,
1500 x 1500mm, 1500 x 1360mm, 1500 x 1000mm , 1270 x 1270mm,

The other size is optional or according to the requirements of customers.